Self-acclaimed African Giant, Burna Boy could be best described as an opportunist if his performance continues overtime.

Has he lost his rhythm following his latest songs “Money Play and Odogwu“?

Without doubt, the Afrobeat musician cemented the African Continent spot on World music gallery with his record-breaking studio album “African Giant“.

The album composed a series of hit tracks one can hardly resist playing on repeat. Eventually, the project got nominated for Grammy 2020 which he narrowly lost.

Following his 2019 microphone exploit, Burna Boy has always been on the media for controversies beginning from his Grammy lost and upon declaration of himself as the greatest after the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Despite the media war, he was still busy cooking something fans hoped to be a continuation from where he left it last year.  Finally, he ushered in “Odugwu and “Money Play” but unfortunately the both Burna Boy songs fell below expectations.

Both singles have attracted a series of criticism from his fans base and African music lovers all over the World. While some described both as whack and they suck.

For me, I wonder how “Money Play and Odogwu” scale through, not because they aren’t good jams. But I see both as substandard for a class of Burna Boy who has graced the international scene with lots of energy.


A saying that says “After pride is to fall”, Could this be the case for the Afrobeat star after clashing with numerous music artists following self-declaration as most significant after Fela Anikulapo Kuti?

I leave the rest for you to make justice as I await you right in the comment section below.

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