Bauchi Pregnant Woman Slices Her Stomach Due To Labour Pains (Photo)


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BAUCHI – Residents of Bedi community in Bauchi are still battling to recover from shocks over the tragic death of 42year old woman in Bauchi, Hassana Muhammadu, who cut her stomach with a sharp razor due to intense labour pains.

Hassana,an indigene of Bedi village in Ganjuwa local government was married to Mallam Muhammadu Maikudi, a trader and the union was blessed with seven children.

Sources in the village say that Hassana was previously married to another man who she had two children before she remarried Mallam Muhammadu.

Daily Independent reports that the unfortunate incident, which threw the residents of the community into shock, happened on the 27th of January 2019, around 8pm. On that fateful day, there was no inkling that the deceased who served her husband and his friend food earlier in the afternoon will decide to resort to cutting her stomach open because she was suffering from labour pains.

Her husband, who narrated to Daily Independent how the incident happened, said that he was still in shock and could not believe that his wife could go to the extent of taking her own life.

“I got a call from a neighbour that my wife wanted me to come home because she was not feeling well. When I got home, I met her in intense labour pains, so I decided to call a traditional birth attendant who can assist her with the labour, but my wife insisted that I should call her junior sister who lives nearby to attend to her.

“So I went to look for her junior sister who followed me to the house. On getting inside the room, her sister shouted and called me to come to the room. When I got into the room, I saw my wife in a pool of blood with her stomach ripped open as result of a sharp razor blade with which she used to cut her stomach open because she was in pains”

“ I then sought the help of the village head who later came to my house with some of his subjects. The village head then arranged for a vehicle that will convey my wife to a nearby hospital, but we later changed our minds and took her to the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Hospital, Bauchi because the case was an emergency one and the hospital had experienced doctors who could attend quickly to her case. Unfornuately for me, on getting to the hospital, my wife gave up the ghost. We have buried her according to Islamic rites”

He expressed sadness over the incident, saying that his wife had been suffering from mental disorders which made her to always isolate herself from people.

According to a source , Hassana does not associate with other women and always kept to herself.

“She is always keeping to herself and does not mingle with people. Sometimes, you just see her talking to herself or doing things abnormally. We did not know that this will be the height of this mental problem she has been suffering from,” the source said

The village head of Bedi community, Muhammad Idris, expressed grief over the incident, saying that such a thing has never occurred in the history of the community.

“I was in my house, when a boy ran to me that Mallam Maikudi’s wife was in labour pains and needed my assistance. I felt maybe the husband wanted me to help him get a vehicle to convey his wife to the hospital since this is not her first pregnancy, unfornuately when I got to his house, what I saw shook me to my bones”

“I saw the woman lying in her pool of blood with her stomach torn open. At first I thought she fell down or she was attacked by someone, only for me to be told that she used a razor blade to tear her stomach open because she was in pains. I decided to arrange for a vehicle to convey her to the hospital for treatment, unfornuately on getting to the hospital, we lost her,”he added.

Source:- Independentng


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