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Who wants to play slot machines, who opts for one of the cheapest and riskiest casino games. Due to the large jackpots and the enormous game selection, the slot machines are among the most popular games of chance worldwide. Here are the most important tips for slot machines and also tricks, which maximize the profit as best as possible. America Top Casinos  gives the NJ’s best legal online casino sites to play casinos in online.

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In most casinos there are discount cards for slot machine players. The programs are similar to the frequent flyer campaigns of many airlines. By playing, you can earn discount points that can later be exchanged for food vouchers, flights, other games, free dinners or similar. Especially in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, these cards are intended to reward the slot players for their loyalty.

Because the house advantage of the slot machines is so high, one should always make use of the so-called “Comp-Card”; because the casinos earn so much from these players that the loyalty points are particularly high. Here it is even more impossible to outsmart machines.

In the end, you get paid for playing and not tricking machines. Probably the amount of points does not compensate for the losses you lose. But you also benefit from the offers and promotions that the casinos offer you exclusively. In addition, the loyalty card can also be combined with other games – such as online blackjack , online roulette or online baccarat – so that not only the slot can be profit



You do not necessarily need special skills to play and enjoy slot machines at the online casino .

But you can pay special attention to machines that are likely to have a better payout level – without tricking out machines.

The simpler the game, the better the payout.

That’s because the fun factor in the beautifully decorated, detailed and well designed games is of course much higher and attracts more people.

In this respect, one exchanges his fun with the (boring, but satisfying) profit. The decision is up to you!

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Many people assume that the rollers stop randomly and therefore you can outsmart machines. This is not true: the machines are preset to probabilities. This means that the biggest winnings are paid very rarely, medium and small winnings are more likely. At the first press of a button, it is already decided what will happen.

The blinking, the turning, the waiting is only part of the show. The bottom line is that each player has the same chance of winning or losing on each machine.

How good or bad these odds are, however, varies from slot machine to slot machine and never transparent to the player. That means: even the so-called “timing myth” is absolutely untrue. Just because a machine has lost many times does not mean that the next attempt has to be profitable. The slot machines do not keep a record of their payouts, so each round wins or loses with the same probability as before.

The slot machine is controlled by a random number generator. This fact is extremely important if you want to be successful as a player, because the statement is crystal clear: there is no (legal) possibility to change anything in the result and to outsmart atomics.



The most popular option for maximum profit is the selection of progressive jackpots . This means: the player sets the maximum bet each time. These tricks is good if you can set yourself a self-disciplined a very specific limit that you also comply. When a win is distributed, you get the maximum jackpot. However, the risk with this tricks is to lose as much as possible. For a short trip to the slot machines worth this strategy, because you bet a few big bets instead of many smaller ones.

This tip has the big drawback that most machines with progressive slots generally have a lower probability of being paid out. The more people play, the higher the jackpots become – that can affect all the progressive slot machines in the casino, but even all the slot machines in a whole state or through an entire casino chain. Therefore, the machines are especially “solid” out. This trick does not only refer to the maximum jackpots, but also to the smaller winnings. Overall the trick, that means focusing on progressive games that offer a smaller jackpot.



Therefore, for example, it is always better to bet one coin per line in a 5 cent game than five coins on a line in a 1 cent game.

In other words, you have a better percentage payout the fewer lines are selected / played, and more coins are placed per line.

Similar to the progressive jackpots – you invest more in a one-euro game than in a 10-cent game or in a one-cent game, but you also get back a lot more.



Gambling machines in casinos and gaming machines in arcades should keep a cool, rational mind – even with any tricks. It is best to play very slowly and thoughtfully to satisfy his kick.

The big expectations should be left at home. The fun of playing lies in the belief that you are more than lucky. That’s fine, as long as you keep your finances neat.

Additionally, one should also refrain from trusting tricks from dubious sites – when it comes to tricking ones like vending machines or slot machine tricks Book of Ra or other specific slot machines. Such are usually not feasible and do not help at all.

In addition, it is definitely much more productive to play less, but with staked, big bets that lead to maximum success. Then you should best forget the slot machines and happily walk home.



In some games, there is actually the opportunity to test your own skill. A game is about top dollar.

These games often include help and tips to help players better understand what it’s all about.

This advice should be accepted without fail, so that in the end, no disappointment finds its way and you are not sitting in the dark, but instead has more fun playing.

And of course, you always take tips from other players, whether you receive it in the online casino or elsewhere!



There are self-proclaimed “experts” who want to hire you Secret casino tricks and just want to make money.

These include especially secret casino trick books that cost a lot of money but ultimately do not have the desired effect.

All you have to do is spend all your money, which you would rather have well-planned invested in slot machines, for a document that does not contain any “secret casino tricks”.

Secret casino tricks are nothing else than expensive casino tricks that you can get for free on casinos games at no extra cost.



This slot machine and tricks advice should not be limited to airports, but is primarily valid in Nevada, Atlantic City, Macau and other casino strongholds. In places where player loyalty is not critical, payout rates are likely to be particularly bad.

Since there is always through traffic at the airport, there will always be a few players who want to pass the time. Because there are enough players in the run, the operators of the machines are not dependent on a loyalty program because of competitive pressure. If the players go on and won nothing, they will not think about it anymore.

At a casino this is something else. The casino operators do not want to lose their customers to the competition, which is why they let the machines play with better odds profits. The terminology for these differences between the machines is “tight” and “loose”, that is, “fixed” and “loose,” the latter indicating a higher probability of winning.



There are different types of slot games and different ways to win at them. However, casinos and slot machine operators know how to distract guests and how they try to outsmart machines. With flashing neon signs and different images, the casino will try to distract the player.

The nuts and bolts of the Gambling Game and Gaming Trick is that you understand how and what you win, how best to bet and how to bet, and when the odds of a payout are low or high. The player should not be distracted or distracted. Even the profit sometimes goes down.

Traditionally, slot machines only have one payline. Video slots, on the other hand, can have multiple, horizontal, vertical, diagonal. The player should know which payline he has decided on, and look closely at the outcome of his bet.


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