How To Become A Legend



Compiled by Comr. Adodo Daniel also known as DANIELDAN 

Below are the major ingredients been utilised by LEGENDS! 

The word ‘purpose’ simply entails your target in regards to what you are hungry of achieving. There is nobody  in this world that doesn’t have a goal or purpose. But before you can fufill your goals, the first thing  is to discover it.  What are your plans,  aims,  target,  visions,  budget,  strategy,  secret weapons e.t.c for this year 2019.???
“You cant kill an enemy that you are not able to identify”
We are  leaders in one capacity  or the other.  You are expected  to know your goal.  Don’t forget that …
“Innovation  distinguishes between a leader and a follower”
After your goal is been discovered.  We can say that it’s in possible for oppositions  and challenges (antagonist)  not to arise but the best thing  is to keep your eyes off obstacles and get more focused on what you need. A place or journey without  no opposition leads nowhere. There  must be a struggle before  a glory. We should regard our actions as more crucial than mere words.
At this juncture, action is needed more, compared to words
“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect  has struggled  in vain”
Your time is your life.  When money is been wasted, you are only out of money.  But when your time is been manipulated…that  means you have lost part of your life.
Don’t forget ‘you don’t waste time’ in the real sense.  Because time is infinite.  The personality  involved is the one getting  wasted.
Hence, to avoid such let us keep the good work going….
Yes!.  We are expected to forget about the past.  This is because,  when we drag the past behind us.  We actually  don’t attain any momentum, moving forward.  Sometimes,  most people  pay more attention  to closed doors which makes them unable to see other doors which are opened to them.  When one door closes.  Another opens.  Let’s be wise.
“Sometimes, disappointment are blessings in disguise”
So don’t expect all things  to go exactly  the way you expect it, without  facing any confrontation  or challenges.
Moreover ,  we have to believe  that past mistakes are lessons  of wisdom.
“The past cannot  be changed  but the future is yet  in our power»
The next thing  is to think  on how to make our discoveries get better shape.  We need to discover the ingredients that will catalyse our purpose in getting  to actualisation
“Your goals determines your priority,  and your priority  tells if you will attain your goals. ”
(5) LET YOUR DISCOVERIES BE ACTUALISED: After making past issues a dead one and bringing  better strategies to give good shape to your dream.  Then the last thing  is to make sure that your dream is not just  a dream but it comes to reality.
We need selflessness,  love,  diligence,  submissive,  steadfastness, prayer,  hope, Faith,  Courage, wisdom etc to make such to become a reality.  Hence you are made…A LEGEND OF YOURSELF
I am a legend… What about you???
Let’s create better strategies in making  our goals a reality  in year 2019
May God help us all

Yours lovely, 

Comrade Adodo Daniel 


FUTASU minister for Finance 2018/2019 parliamentary session 

Vision with purpose 2019



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