Kenyan government plans to put 5 million orphans under family care

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The will move more than 5 million orphans and vulnerable children from charitable institutions and other harsh living areas to the comfort of families. The measures announced in Kisumu by Labour and Social Protection Chief Administrative Officer Abdul Bahari will benefit more than 8 million children made vulnerable by poverty, harmful cultural practices, family breakdown and abandonment.

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Acting Director of Children’s Services at the Labour and Social Protection ministry Charles Ondogo said the new guidelines to be launched today would benefit at least 3 million children orphaned due to HIV and Aids. He said the ministry estimates that more than 350,000 children live with disabilities. Ondogo said the ministry would also launch guidelines for the alternative family care of children in Kenya to discourage the current trend where orphans and vulnerable children are shunned and left to fend for themselves, with some opting to live in the streets. Lucky ones have been adopted by able families while others end up in children’s homes.


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