‘Nnamdi Kanu’s Deceit And The Ignorance Of My IPOB Brethren’ By Uchechukwu Elechi

Here is an article, written by an IPOB Member, Uchechukwu Elechi detailing how IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu has blinded the eyes of his members with his lies.

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By Uchechukwu Elechi

In one of his broadcasts while he was in Israel, the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, vowed that “in the coming weeks” he will organize a program on Israeli national television where he would make available to the world – a forensic proof and incontrovertible evidence that President Muhammadu Buhari is dead, and the person occupying Nigeria’s seat of power is Jubril Aminu al-Sudani. In that same broadcast, Kanu boasted he would also bring in “American experts” that will conduct the groundbreaking exposé.

We all rejoiced, carried the news everywhere, but months have passed, and Nnamdi Kanu has subsequently left Israel to the United Kingdom – the same UK he accused of complicity in Buhari’s alleged plot to kill him, and he somehow failed to keep his promise of bringing American experts to Israel to expose “Jubril” and the cabals, and quite disappointingly, IPOB members have refused to ask him ‘why?’…Does he think we all are dumb?

Don’t call me names, I used to be a strong supporter of Nnamdi Kanu, until he began the lie and conspiracy theory called ‘Jubril of Sudan’. As a human being, you should have the capability of reasoning and the ability to ask questions, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Nnamdi Kanu a man I had enormous respect for unbelievably stooped so low by telling absurd lies just to remain relevant. Kanu has told unsuspecting members of IPOB so many lies, which majority of them who are uninformed unfortunately subscribed to. One of such brazen lies is that Buhari is dead.

Have you pondered why Kanu is quick to tag anyone with a divergent view on Biafra a ‘saboteur’?

Have you also wondered why Nnamdi Kanu is always maligning Igbo leaders even when unprovoked?

It is simply because he wants his words to be law, he wants to be the only one you listen to, he wants to control your mind, the same sin he accused ‘slave masters’ of; this is exactly the same reason he would resort to insults and emotional blackmail when you don’t agree to whatever he says.

Nnamdi Kanu has continued to lie that Igbo leaders drafted the stringent bail conditions Justice Binta Nyako gave him, but one of the people that fulfilled his bail bond was, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, an Igbo leader who had his millions deposited so that Kanu could be released. Very pathetic!

At this point, I feel that Nnamdi Kanu is now fighting a SUPREMACY Battle under the guise of Biafra agitation?

You can’t tell me that Nnamdi Kanu knows better than all the Igbo leaders whom he constantly abuses at will. It really pains me whenever I come across our youths on social media emulating Kanu by insulting our leaders in the South-East. It doesn’t happen elsewhere, but only in Igbo land, thanks to Nnamdi Kanu, the ‘SUPREME’ leader of IPOB.

Lastly, as I said in my previous article, you can’t boycott an election when you are not part of the electoral process. It is on this note that I humbly enjoin every eligible voter in the South-East to go out on February 16 and exercise their Franchise. Let us vote out Buhari and see if the marginalization (reason for Biafra agitation) will continue now that our own son is going to be the VP. If we fail to vote out Buhari, we may live to regret it for many years to come. Nnamdi Kanu and his family live in the UK. Any bad policy made in Nigeria will never affect him, rather it is you and I that will be at the receiving end.

Lest I forget; Igbo youths, you have no reason to insult the entire Yoruba or Hausa race when you have a misunderstanding with a person who comes from any of those regions. This is not who we are, we are a very hospitable and accommodating people. Drop that nonsense you learned from Nnamdi Kanu now.

I welcome the insults in advance.

One love my people!udo chianu! !


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