Shiite Planning A Massive Country Wide Protest In Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Gombe And Bauchi

Shiite Planning A Massive Country Wide Protest In Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Gombe And Bauchi


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Level: Security Advisory

Location: Nigeria

Category: Civil unrest

Date: Friday 26th, July 2019

Following continued protest by the members if Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) and violent clash between the group and the Nigerian Security Forces which resulted to lost of live and properties worth of million damaged.

According to a reliable intelligence procured revealed that the group is planning a massive country wide protest on the above date stated in major cities of Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Gombe and Bauchi in line with their usual demand to secure the release of their leader Sheikh Ibrahim El ZakZakhy who has been in detention since 2015.

a. Plan your movement while going out for either official or business engagement.

b. Put call across friends to know if the area you intend to visiting is safe.

c. To avoid risk of been damage park your car in a safe place.
d. Ensure that you guarantee children safety before going out.

e. All schools management should make sure that children are safe before, during and after closing hours.

f. Avoid the affected area. If you are nearby, minimise movement until the situation stabilises.

g. If planning to travel to the affected area in the coming hours, ensure routes are clear prior to setting out.
h. Follow all directives from security forces in official duty.

i. In case of sporadic firing in an attempt to disperse a protesters lay flat on ground or look for a nearest hard object to serve as a cover from live bullet.

j. In case of a tear gas, don’t use wet cloth to clean your face rather apply a cream to minimise the impact.

k. For our Women counterpart avoid using high heel while going out. And make sure that your bag is not heavy.

l. Monitor news for alerts and updates.


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