[Tutorial] How to Make Money On Youtube

A lot of video creators have turn YouTube into a full time income stream and if you ready to start making money online and need a cool place to start then you should try YouTube. Most people believe that one of the easiest ways to make money online is by having a blog which I agree total with them but in recent time, I have found out that for most people instead of having to start reading a blog on a particular topic, they prefer watching it. This gives video a more advantage over blog.

People tend to engage more with video which is why 90% of top brands and marketers use video to drive lots of traffic to their landing pages or website. YouTube is a great way to increase your revenue and the number one platform to share your videos if you are a video creator.

One of the things that first scared me about YouTube is the fact that it is free to create an account and any kind of video can be shared on YouTube and you can make money from it. (Sound’s cool right). Even a video shot on your phone and shared on YouTube con go viral and instantly make you a YouTube/online celebrity.

If you are a video creator or want to start sharing your videos on YouTube and thinking of ways you can monetize your channel there here are my 4 ways you can do so.

1. Google AdSense

As we all know, Google which is one of the biggest search engines owns both AdSense and YouTube making it the first thing to consider using when you setup your channel. Google uses AdSense to display ads on your website which lets you earn when people clicks on it. Same goes for YouTube. For a website with a decent amount of traffic Google will display ads on your website but with YouTube, you have to get up to 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 views for ads to display on your channel. Trust me with the right video and proper SEO you can get those even in a week.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is another great way of making money on YouTube. I would say making money from affiliate marketing on YouTube does not work with every niche and few niches that work well with affiliate marketing includes technology, fitness, fashion, health etc. As simple as you making a video of yourself talk in front of a camera and putting an affiliate link of let’s say the microphone you using or even the shirt you wearing to your viewers can purchase them if they are interested in it.

This requires you to know in-depth of whatsoever you into. For example, if you into the technology niche, you have got to know much about the item you making a video on and state how it has helped you.


The first thing you should do is signup for good affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates, CJ, JVZoo etc. then make a video of the item you want to talk about and then put your affiliate links to the product on your description so when your viewers watch the video and want to purchase the item they can easily do so using the link you have provided.

3. Your Own Product

As a newbie, you may not want to venture into this very quickly as it takes time, experience and lots of hard work to be about to create your own product that works so it’s best to stick to AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. With that said the amount of money you can earn when selling your own product cannot be compared to any other. AdSense pay a fraction of what they get from advertisers and the maximum affiliate marketing  can generate is 4-5% of the money sold on any item but when it comes to owning your own product which can be as simple as writing an EBook and selling it online you make 100% of the profit. No matter whether you a newbie or not you should consider creating your own product.

4. Use Brand Sponsorship

Brand Sponsorship is growing on YouTube as big brands are searching for YouTubers to help them market their products to their subscribers and they pay huge amount of money for that. Not every can get a sponsorship deal on YouTube but for that to happen you must be an influencer with lots of subscribers and views to be able to land a sponsorship deal.

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